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TCI: Pharmaceutical Engineering

Engineering, installation and manufacturing of clean rooms and production equipments

TCI is specialist in the design, construction and assembly of production equipments and installations for clean rooms market.

TCI is a qualified engineering and installation company, with wide experience accomplishing turn key projects. The design and managing of any of them are directly handled by our company. Deep knowledge of different disciplines implied in, allows TCI to offer their clients best solutions and tailor made equipments, with high performance in accordance with the standards.

As we are basically oriented to QUALITY,  TCI’s versatility lays in its conception, not only as an authorized engineering and installator  company, but also as a manufacturer of production equipments, under our own design, construction and  programming departments.

We work to obtain quality in order to offer you the best service.

TCI: The best service with the highest quality
  • Experienced professionals in the sector since 1997.
  • We focus our activity on clean room market.
  • We are state of the art clean rooms and equipments manufacturers.
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